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Copenhagen, November 2010, with the  Ensemble Athelas
Copenhagen, November 2010, with the Ensemble Athelas (Picture Nicolas Miribel)

After a period during which Gérard Zinsstag concentrated on noise through instrumental research and on abrupt formal constructions, he started listening carefully to sounds and working with composer of « spectral » music, basically at l’Itinéraire.

The tendancy of his music now « allows for more expression in the material and more intuition in the gesture » ; connoted musical objects burst forth as memory interferes more and more often.

No one can predict on what paths Gérard Zinsstag will tread in the future. But one need not worry : there will always be adventure, resulting from the most unexpected encounters with people and with sounds. Searchers who take a long time to carry out their plans are often the most stubborn.

Frank Langlois, 1993


  • New work for 5 voices a cappella (Mots fantômes)
  • New work for speaker and ensemble
  • New work for the ensemble Camerata variabile
  • Katharina Lips for 16 voices a cappella
  • New piece for tenor and ensemble based on poems by Paul Giraud

Last update: September 2020